Intro Series
Novice Series
Fault Finding Series


This series covers most of the movements required in these tests with helpful tips on how to ride and train them correctly for higher marks as well as some insight as to what the judge will be looking for. I show ridden demonstrations of the movements and talk you through them as i perform them.

  • 1. The Centre line
  • 2. The 20 Metre Circle
  • 3. The Trot to Walk to Trot Transitions
  • 4. The Free walk to Medium Walk
  • 5. The Medium Walk Half 10 Metre Circles.
  • 6. The Trot to Canter Transition.
  • 7. What is Good Rhythm?
  • SERIES 2


    This series covers the movements required in this level. I will ride the movements and give you insight as to how to ride the movement, improve the movement and again what it is the judge will be looking for, all to help you improve and get those higher marks.

  • 1.Halt and Immobility
  • 2. The Medium Trot for Novice Level
  • 3. The Give and Retake in Trot and Canter
  • 4. The Canter to Trot Transition at X and the Trot to Canter Transition at X.
  • 5. The Half 15 Metre Circle with the return to the Track and onto the Track.
  • 6. The 10 Metre loop inTrot on the long side.
  • 7. The Three loop Serpentine.
  • 8. The Free walk.
  • SERIES 3

    This series covers some of the most common faults and problems we encounter when training our horses at these levels. I will talk you through why these problems come about and give you helpful advice as to how to go about schooling and improving your horse. I will give you ridden demonstrations so you can watch the problem and see how i try to sort it out.

  • 1. Getting the horse to react off the leg.
  • 2. Stopping the horse Falling in or out of the shoulder on the circle.
  • 3. Riding a "Forwards " downwards transition.
  • 4. When and How to start collecting and lenghthening the strides.
  • 5. What is the Half Halt?
  • 6. What do we mean by suppleness and how do we improve it?
  • 7. What is meant by Straightness?
  • 8. What is a good contact?

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