Here to help all enthusiasts wishing to learn about dressage or improve there dressage . Debbie is a Grand Prix rider, trainer a List 1 BD judge and a B.H.S accredited professional coach.

She has over 30years experience of training horses and riders at all levels and for all disciplines, not just the dressage. Debbie herself enjoys training her own horses right from the backing to the Grand Prix level and competes them up through all the levels.

Keen on personal development she still trains regularly with her guide and mentor the Olympic judge Stephen Clarke and our Olympic medallist Carl Hester M.B.E.

When Debbie started her career with horses she took her B.H.S exams giving her a firm grounding of stable management and teaching. She then continued her passion training horses for eventing, showing, showjumping and team chasing.

She then got the great opportunity to work for Stephen Clarke as a working pupil and stayed with him for 5 years progressing to head girl then chief instructor and in that time took her little Irish event mare up to Grand Prix and this was where she found her passion was with the dressage.

Following her work with Stephen she then branched out on her own as a freelance instructor and became a judge.

Over the years she has trained another four horses of her own to Grand Prix level, took all her judges exams to become a list 1, trained many successful dressage and event riders to national and international level as well as happily training and encouraging those at grass root level.

Became a member of the Youngish Trainers scheme allowing her regular training from Bert Rutten and the opportunity to travel abroad visiting the top yards, trainers, shows and studs gaining for knowledge and experience from all these people and places. Carrying on training herself she is also seen judging at regional and national championships and also training our up and coming judges.

On this website we are offering you the chance to gain from her experience with these training videos. This first series are designed to help you understand what is required at each level and how to go about training , preparing for it and also what the most common pitfalls that can be over come. In each video you will get the insight of how we see it as a rider, trainer and as a judge. They are there if you have limited access to training or if you wish to enhance the help you already have.

“Things will be different after COVID -19” This is what they have been telling us and I think we can all see many changes happening. Due to the virus and lockdown it has prompted me to try some new things with my work and the introduction of digital technology has proved very successful. I now have two new services to offer:- LIVE VIDEO CHAT LESSONS -where I can watch and teach you live from my laptop. VIDEO CRITIQUE – where you video your schooling session and send it to me to analyse and give you feed back. Both these services have proved to be extremely successful with very good results. They are good in there own right but also an excellent enhancement to regular face to face lessons. Check out the services page for more details.

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