" I have known Debbie since she was working for Stephen Clarke and watched her progress to her present status as a B.D list one judge and Grand Prix rider. " All this has been achieved with a sense of humour and a commitment to creating a partnership between horse and rider.

" Since I opened New Barn as a training facility she has held regular clinics here. Her systematic training methods and style enables riders of all levels to progress calmly and confidently.Leisure riders ,Pony Club and competition riders all speak highly of Debbie, the results speak for themselves."

" Her clients can be seen at all dressage championships and appreciate the support she provides. She is now involved in the coaching of current judges and hold informative workshops. "


" I have been training with Debbie for a number of years with my older horse and I have been thrilled with the progress and empathy. Debbie knows when to push and when to break it back down for the rider without distressing the horse. "

" When I purchased my second horse, the understanding and confidence that Debbie’s methods have brought about are outstanding. "

" I have two confident and willing horses who are happy to try their hearts out. Both have exceeded my expectations and I look forward to what we can all achieve together ( including Debbie as she is an integral part of the team.) "

* Remote Lessons *

I cannot believe the progress my horses, my riding and my understanding of how to train a horse has developed over the last 2 months with video feedback via Debbie. Due to lockdown face to face lessons were out of the question so with trial and error we embarked on videoing the ride, uploading it to You Tube and then sending the link to Debbie to critique. Debbie’s feedback gave the exercises to work on and why. Better still, I could go back to the video and look at what she was saying as well as being my own critic on why my hand was doing this or my leg doing that. The improvement has been outstanding for both the horses (and me!) We have made rapid progress and I have stronger, fitter and more balanced horses as a result. Now that normal face to face have resumed I am going to continue with both my lessons and video feedback. It really has been an eyeopener and is a good alternative if you are unable to get a lesson but still want to progress.


I have been training with Debbie regularly for 18months. She is the ultimate professional, doesn’t miss a thing and has transformed my riding. I get huge value from every session and the horses continue to improve between lessons too.

Recently, due to COVID-19 we’ve used digital technology to continue with lessons remotely and maintain our regular training. I’m surprised and delighted how much benefit we continue to get from our sessions, its as though Debbie is there with you for a normal lesson. The technology is really easy to set up & use with phones and I’m convinced we will continue to make use of it in between face to face sessions in future.

Thanks Debbie for all your support, knowledge and for being so versatile.


B.H.S.I.I, M.A B.ed(hons)

U.K.C.C.2 (eventing specific)

B.E Accredited Development Coach


B.E, R.T.O for West Midlands and North Wales

" I have known and worked with Debbie for many years. Her knowledge and understanding of training horses is unsurpassed. "

" She has the knack of getting straight to the heart of the matter and is able to communicate clearly and concisely to riders how they can develop their horse’s potential, whatever level they are working at. "

" Her warmth,empathy and humour enable her to engage with rider’s and put them at ease,safe in the knowledge that her love of horses and her desire to create the horse as A”Happy Athlete” will ensure correct training that stands the test of time. I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough. "

Based in the heart of Cheshire
E-mail *debbieomjones@aol.com
Website *debbiejonesdressage.co.uk